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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday (1) & My First Swatch!!! :)

Hey guys!!! This is my first swatch and my first time participating in Pink Wednesday!!! So let's get started!! :)

So, I swiped a few polishes from my mom's bathroom (which are all who knows how many years old) and this is what I came up with. I applied the pink color Jealousy by Wild and Crazy then topped it off with Wet n Wild Wild Shine Clear Nail protector. I wasn't really sure if the Clear Nail protector was a top coat or base coat because it's pretty old but in the end it didn't really matter because I made a last minute decision to add a bit of sparkle with the Wet n Wild Wild Shine sparkle nail polish (there is no official nail of the specific color) which acted as my top coat.  The results was this really pretty sparkly pink look!! It's alittle bumpy because it dried pretty fast but I still absolutely love it! What do you think?


Anela said...

I like this a lot! I just found out about your blog and I like it...you've got a new follower;)

Kayono said...

I like this combination. It reminds if that I still want Color Club Space Case xD

PrncessSarah02 said...

new follower to your blog!!! Your blogs really cute i love the lil polish facebooks and twitters :) your nails are very nice!!

ScarsLikeLace said...

This is a really really pretty pink!! =)

I Bleed Polish said...

Love the color.. New follower :)